ABL-1R (Reinforced)

It is a completely metallic door, having a front face manufactured according to the size required by the hole, with three lamel types which slide themselves through both an up rail and a down guide rail. It is a very the same door to the above mentioned one concerning its main characteristics . It is reinforced and the thickness is, thus, bigger.

Images cerradura reforzada_dcha  cerradura reforzada_izqda


To be installed

Elevators and Freight Elevators .


Wide free passage.
Height free passage.
With/ without push button.
Manual/ Automatic.
With/ without window


Aljo, for an auto lever with a frontal pushing, upper / lower.
Gervall for an auto lever with a frontal pushing , upper / lower.
Electric Gervall ( 24 Vcc . ).


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