Enterprise profil

Enterprise profil

CONSTRUCCIONES METÁLICAS ALBERO, S.L. is a Spanish Firm with a highly qualified and more than thirty year-experienced  staff.

Our main activity is the plate structures manufacturing, always focused on light boiler making products . The products manufactured belong to elevator branch such as both passenger and charging elevator components, as well as doors, elevator and garage guide rod doors , metal coverings. At the same time, we also have to mention other activity branches as lighting components , electrical one , cooling or railway components.

Despite having in mind most of the manufactured products we produce come with the customers design, we have a Research and Design Section as to carry out our products design ( elevator doors ) and as no to forget the constant improvements to be achieved. 

Our priority is being competitives in every branch we work , for this reason the importance of improving working methods.


Construcciones Metálicas Albero

Cº de San Martín de la Vega, 4
Polígono Industrial Velasco
Arganda del Rey - Madrid - 28500
Phone 91 870 02 32

Español(Spanish Formal International)English (United Kingdom)Frances

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