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Customers rely on Construcciones Metálicas Albero, S.L. because we are reliable , something that represents our main aim when dealing with customers.

Research and Technical Department are as close as to guarantee the reliability of our products. As a consecuence, the relationship between customer and C.M.Albero is always very good.Thanks to our process , we offer the best service and quality. Flexibility is also a very important value in our Enterprise since we adapt customer needs to our production.

Construcciones Metálicas Albero , S.L. is not only the chosen subcontractor enterprise by the customer. We work on the customer needs as to improve their products. The industrial branches we are linked to , make us do our best . Otherwise, we wouldn´t be placed we are at the moment.

Guideline : after commercial touch , customer sends to Construcciones Metálicas Albero, S.L. a request .Our commercial department in touch with quality, research and technical Departments gives an offer according to the best process fixed. Once customers accept the offer, quality deparment focuses on manufacturing the frst pieces as to check everything is correct. Finally, for a mass production Construcciones Metálicas Albero , S.L. starts a whole process.




Construcciones Metálicas Albero

Cº de San Martín de la Vega, 4
Polígono Industrial Velasco
Arganda del Rey - Madrid - 28500
Phone 91 870 02 32

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